Friday, July 10, 2015

Let's follow this video

So I've recently decided to continue my reviewing things again on YouTube, as well as some other random videos that takes my fancy. I'm aiming for one video per day, but I doubt I will be able to keep it up. Anyway, I'm giving it a go. So my second video back is about my Samsung Galaxy Tab A, the 9.7 inch one with the S Pen. Here it is:


I uploaded it last night, put it on Facebook. Woke up this morning and KAPOOW! No views. Yep, not one single view. So I'm going to just track what happens, change a few things perhaps, play with tags etc. and see if I can learn a thing or two. 

So a few points:
- It's just a basic video, no editing, second take. Decided not to 'waste time' editing out the gaps, waffle and"uuum's" but I think it turned out OK. 
- The thumbnail is basically what you see on the video, totally relevant but not 'eye-grabbingly delicious'.
- I's a bit lengthy.
- The focus was off for quite a bit of the video at the start.

Will try to keep you updated as I go. 

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